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  Guaranteed Results Surveillance
  • Every aspect of our cases will be worked in a legal and ethical manner.
  • Results are defined as a minimum of 60 seconds or more of the claimant doing normal daily activities or any amount of video of the claimant doing strenuous activity. Results are further defined as confirming that the claimant has been incarcerated, deceased or hospitalized.    
  • After the initial budget is complete, all subsequent budgets will be billed under our hourly rates.  
  • National will not spend unlimited resources toward cases that cannot produce results. After two (2) days with no results, surveillance efforts will discontinue and a detailed report will be given to the client. The client will not be charged.
  • Video footage is available in DVD and all digital media formats. A still photograph of the claimant will be taken from the video footage and included in the report.

  • If National Surveillance and Investigation is successful with the case and produces results, as defined above, the client will be billed. If we are not able to produce results there will be no charge.


  • If for any reason you are not satisfied with the results we provide, we will void the invoice.

Please note that we are licensed, registered to do business and sometimes known under the following names:

  • National Surveillance and Investigation, Inc (legal name)
  • NationalSI
  • National Surveillance
  • NSI
  • NSI Surveillance and Investigation
  • National Surveillance and Investigation
  • J.A. Gray

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