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NSI was formed in 2002 to address the growing demand for quality Private Investigators.

Mission Statement

To conduct each investigation with the utmost integrity, thoroughness and determination, to supply clients with the results they request, and to maintain the highest level of quality in the industry. 

Special Note

After only a short time in the industry, NSI has exploded onto the scene. We generate the majority of our new business through referrals and word of mouth. This is unprecedented in an industry that relies on constant marketing in order to survive. We must be doing something right!

Focus on Quality

One of the Top 10 investigators in the United States of America – This claim is based on Joshua’s statistics, while working at the second largest private investigation firm in the country with over 300 investigators. Joshua was on the monthly top 10 list for his entire time at this company. His current statistics, after starting NSI in December of 2002, also support this assertion. He has been recognized by peers with awards and compliments. 


Recent Articles: (All articles are posted to Joshua's linkedin page (click here)

- Joshua Gray was falsely charged in 2012, the charges were dropped and he was cleared. Here are some articles related to this facinating saga:

- Maine State Police Violate Civil, Constitutional and Human rights of Mass PI

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State Trooper who Killed man is Quietly Transferred